Monday, February 15, 2010



Basement Room 14' x 22'
Storage Room 14' x 14'
Root Cellar 14' x 7'
Mechanical 8' x 7'
Stair/Hall 8' x 16'8
Cistern Rooms (2) 13' x 7' ea

990 sf (outside dimension)
760 sf (inside tempered spaces)

Maison Cocagne House is designed with a full basement using LOGIX insulated concrete forms (ICF). The full basement option was selected primarily due to the climate of New Brunswick. With our winter snow loads, it is desirable to have the first floor level several feet above finish grade. Local codes require footings to be 48 inches below finish grade to accommodate our frost depth. An additional two feet of foundation wall and excavation allows for the full basement design. The full basement also provides additional storage space, room for mechanical equipment, and the potential of a root cellar. The foundation could also have been designed using crawl space or slab-on-grade construction, but mechanical space would need to be provided on upper floors.

An added feature of the Maison Cocagne House are full basements under the enclosed south porches to house cisterns for rain water collection. An open porch design could have been designed on pier foundations with the rain water cisterns sited externally.

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basement remodeling ideas said...

The basement plan is very nice. I like where the stairs are place and I do think that with that kind of plan I can make basement with a gorgeous design.