Tuesday, December 20, 2011


I just noted that I have not added any comments to this blog since April 2010. This has not been due to lack of interest or ideas. I have simply been meeting new folks and investigating new directions. Super insulation concepts are still the way to go when building a home in my climate - the Canadian Maritimes - or any other cold weather climate. The long term energy savings are real. Building codes are being upgraded (too slowly) to reflect the need for more insulation, more air-tightness, and controlled ventilation. Besides the detailing and dialog provided in past postings focusing on double stud wall construction, I have been looking at other techniques and materials (ICF, vertical truss joists, straw bale, etc.). I have found the Green Building Advisor as a valuable resource for information and discussions - in particular the Musings of an Energy Nerd blog.

While there is much to be learned in the ongoing development of super insulated design and construction, my energy is also focused on the context of the home within the larger environment. While I am always open to any questions or comments you can share, my upcoming posts will try to lead the readers to issues and sites that discuss energy efficient housing in a broader context that responds to cultural transitions we are currently experiencing.


passivhaus said...

Thermal insulation in buildings is an important factor to achieving thermal comfort for its occupants. Insulation reduces unwanted heat loss or gain and can decrease the energy demands of heating and cooling systems. It does not necessarily deal with issues of adequate ventilation and may or may not affect the level of sound insulation.

mike bonar said...
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